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Faded in Feeling

Antony Payne's latest single “Faded in Feeling” is out now and available on all streaming platforms.


COME TOGETHER RECORDS is an independent record label based in Los Angeles. The label is structured more like an art collective than a traditional corporate entity. Artists signed to Come Together are given complete creative control and provided the resources to allow their artistic vision to flourish.

The mission of Come Together is stated right in the label’s name. Whether it’s a group of musicians coming together to create, artists and producers coming together to record, a band and their fans coming together for a performance, or the feeling of commonality that’s transmitted through music connecting listeners all over the world, our aim is to bring people together. Now, more than ever, we should seek to unite rather than divide, to overcome our differences rather than be defined by them. Come Together is more than a record label. It is a movement.